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I started this website sometime ago to combine my passion for Command and Conquer and papercrafts. 

If you have any comments or questions (not in the FAQ), or want to send me picture of ur builds, email me:

Other Contributers to the Site:
Yanir Vigler


Anonymous,  6:16 AM  

Hi there, I was planning on building that awesome Kirov airship on the site but the Mediafire link for the PDF file seems to be down. I tried downloading the PDO file instead but it doesn't print all of the Kirov pieces out as they seem to be missing from the template.
Hope the PDF can be restored soon as I am really looking forward for the Kirov to be hanging from my ceiling :)

Vince5754,  6:09 AM  

I really love these Paper crafts but there are so many Units you can still make! Perhaps some Tiberium Sun Era Kane's Wrath Units? Or maybe a Flame Tank? I'm not sure. I hope that your still making these things though!

Anonymous,  9:09 PM  

what glue do u recommend?

marvin 10:18 AM  

Hello greetings from El Salvador there is a chance to make a tank apocalypse, and Soviet nuclear missile red alert 2 I hope they do hopefully answer

Anonymous,  12:34 PM  

great work!!! wonder if you can design some tiberium sun models... the orca series aircraft perhaps?

pedro 3:55 PM  

hello, i love your model and i was made the thanks and the orca figther,Do you intend to do the commando? i think It would look great with the zone trooper, i love your works it's great!

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