Thursday, May 01, 2008

C&C3: NOD Venom Patrol Craft

PDO: : Mediafire
PDF: : Mediafire

Uploaded the PDF file, however, you will need to download the PDO file for direction to building it.

Finally, a NOD unit! And an air unit at that. But be warned, this one has a lot of curves, and thus is gonna be a lot harder to build than any of the previous ones. As always, I just finished designing the templet, and haven't test built it yet. So there might be flaws. The download is in pdo format, so u can change the scale, or shift around the pieces quiet easily in Paperkura Desiger. Please send pics if u have build it!

Thanks to Alex06 for pointing me in the right direction in the case of extraction of data from C&C 3 and KW. But its still no walk in the park.

Also thanks to Skip, for coming forward to help with the designing, i know we have diffrent ways of doing things, but i really do appreciate ur willingness to help.


Anonymous,  11:57 PM  

great !!!! now the C&C1 Orca please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nyerguds 7:58 AM  

Hmm... I think it's actually alled "pAtrol craft". Not petrol.

fico86 8:48 PM  

oh, haha, thanks for pointing that out. fixed.

Anonymous,  6:37 PM  

I wonder when we will see an orca...

Anonymous,  3:17 PM  

mayby some buildings would be nice
like a refinery and harvester

Anonymous,  7:35 AM  

Don dada daaa! there are two orcas!

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