Saturday, May 30, 2009

RA3: Soviet Kirov Airship

With Instructions!

Finally finished this, the pdo is a bit raw (I did most of the editing later in PS), but would help u figure out some joints. And it is in PDF form with instructions!


Will be test building it soon. Meanwhile try it for yourselves.


abdul malik 1:46 AM  

wooooooooowwoo....... it's wonderful and amazing

Anonymous,  8:53 AM  

"Kirov reporting!"
awesome papercraft, too bad that my printer is broken :(

Anonymous,  3:11 AM  

Any news on the test build? I'm very curious about the size of it. I would like ot build a big one some day 50cm weidth or so.

fico86 6:23 AM  

If u print it at its current size (each page on A4 paper), it will be about 30 cm from nose to tail. so u might consider printing at double the size. please do send me pics once ur done.

Unknown 10:15 PM  

damn, this cooooooooooool! Plz, can you make more models from C&C red alert 3, like eeeh... soviet bullfrog! yep, should be very interesting!!

Unknown 11:29 AM  

ok, i am gonna test it out. I almost have did the nose and the tail. Looks like possible(this is my first paper-unit)

Unknown 8:28 AM  

I'm busy with my A3 model (double size). I got the parts: a1, a2, a3 so far finisched and the total lenght is allready 22cm. The smaller parts are harder lol:-p This is the easy part so far :-p

klimt 11:47 PM  

I have a request can you make a red alert 3 apocalypse tank PLEASE!!!

Lambda Z 12:16 AM  

u maybe make the wrong

time master cronos 35 8:57 PM  

just would like to make a request:
can you please make a japan king oni?
and/ or an emperor king oni? please please please?

time master cronos 35 9:19 PM  

now the only thing missing is a china propaganda airship from rise of the reds.

Snowy007 2:49 PM  

The PDO file of the kirov is wrong. it misses some parts. it only has 16 out of 20 propellor plates, 12 out of 20 connectors for the propellor plates, and just 1 out of 4 bombs.
i really whish i would have seen that before prining them out. :P

Anonymous,  3:10 PM  

PDF file doesnt work...can you fix that thing there?

Anonymous,  6:30 AM  

Please be updating a link, I can not download pdf or pdo

Anonymous,  5:08 AM  

Kirov has dissipated. :(

Anonymous,  11:30 AM  

Kirov PDF is no longer on mediafire!

Can you re-up this please? I LOVE the Kirov!

Thank you,


kokjoo89 10:02 PM  

PDF link is down...


some parts are messing from the PDF file ... it seems that the PDO isn't finished .. i check it out and i see many little parts on the left of papers on the 2D window, that mean that when the PDO file exported these parts will not be exist in the exported file .. i try to fix it up but i have no pepakura experience ... can you do something pleeease men

Anonymous,  6:55 PM  

PDF file does not working.... Pls fix that

Gugu_CZ 4:26 AM  

I would like to kindly ask you to fix PDF link. It is not active anymore, file cannot be downloaded.

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