Saturday, June 13, 2009

RA3U: Allied Pacifier

By Yanir

This model is pretty comeplex (but beautiful nontheless), and as the instructions are not yet provided, the PDO file will be much needed in putting it together.

Undeployed Mode:

Deployed Mode:


snowy007 1:38 AM  

nice one,
i don't think he's able to transform, is he?

Yanir,  12:16 PM  

It can't :)
I'm currently working the artillery mode model.

Unknown 10:17 PM  

never liked units in uprising, these are scums... unlike original units of course))

Jim 11:21 AM  

It's nice but may be too hard for beginner like me. May be one day I will assemble it.

AiRee 7:03 AM  

wow yanif your work are cool. keep it up..but the thing i post in here because dont make more papercraft but perfected the old one to make more better and more beautiful.

i will ADvertise your papercraft to everyone okay? keep up the good work.


ps: your soviet kirov airship are cool

AiRee 7:05 AM  

lol sorry about something i just forgot to say this thing... after you perfect more and more better quality of your papercraft make more okay? dont stop but keep going.. one day everyone will support you.

Anonymous,  3:55 PM  

I don't think you could try a Soviet Terror Drone? those look simpler to make than this unit, they are smaller and probably take up less room too.

Anonymous,  3:51 AM  

I finished the undeployed mode, it looks cool...^^

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