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What are Papercrafts?
Also known as paper models, card models, it is the art (if i might say so) of cutting up paper, and gluing them into objects or replicals.

Isn't Papercraft and Origami the same?
No, Papercrafts are about cutting and gluing multiple pieces of papers together to create an item, Origami is about folding a single sheet of paper into an item.

What are PDO files? What other software would I need?
PDO files are sort of 3D instructions for the models. PDO files can be opened with the Pepakura Viewer. Also you would need Adobe Reader to open PDF files.

I am new to Papercrafting, What do i need to get started?
Here are some links to get you started:
Yamaha Papercrafts
Papercraft Museum Tutorials
Webdude's Papercraft Instructions

What kind of paper do I need to print on? What kind of Glue do I use? What kind of cutter do I use?
The links above should give u a good idea of what meterials to use. As for paper, normal office paper would be too thin. Instead you should be using cardstock, with a thickness of about 120gms (grams per meter square) to 250gms. Generals the models in this site will work well with paper of thickness 160gms.

The models are so impossible to build! Make them simpler!
If you are totally new to papercrafting, I suggest starting with simpler papercraft available on the net (have a look under my links menu, or the links above). As you do more, and get a good sense of papercrafting, these models will become easier to build.

There are a lot of flaws in the templets! Fix them!
I too am learning as I do more and more papercrafts, and i only recently started designing papercrafts. So there are bound to be mistakes and flaws. Please bear with them, and when i have the opportunity i will try fixing them. While that you are free to use your own resourcefulness to fix any flaws.

How to you go about designing the templets?
I would be putting up some tutorials some time later, if i am in the mood and have the time.


Olaf Ventzke 11:51 PM  

What scale are your models?
I hope they`re all the same...


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