Sunday, March 01, 2009

RA3: Allied Mirage Tank

Our first RA3 model! Contributed by Yanir. Its pretty tought to build (considering there are no instructions), but the PDO file should be of some help. Do try it out!


Do look out for more RA3 models coming soon!


Anonymous,  6:53 PM  
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Anonymous,  1:16 AM  

Wow, real cool. Love it.

Unknown 10:16 PM  

impossible 0_o

arga 9:01 PM  

woww....very complicated

Anonymous,  5:00 AM  

A request please I have been trying to make my own apocalypse tank papercraft for 3 weeks but i cant so can you make an apocalypse tank(red alert 2) !!!THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Anonymous,  9:11 AM  

To the Apocalypse tank builder,

The RA2 Apocalypse isn't too hard to make a model of (it's all hard edges) and you should leave the RA3 Apocalypse to Yanir or fico. I do have a model of the terror drone and the Apocalypse and both are a nightmare to assemble. Then imagine making the RA3 versions D:

Anonymous,  6:44 AM  


Unknown 4:08 PM  

I haven't played RA3 yet, but if this model turns out as good the pdo image, then I might just give the old RTS a try. Thanks for the design.gebake

Anonymous,  5:43 AM  

ja grałem w ra3 nawet z uprising i nie widziałem tego czołgu

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