Saturday, March 15, 2008

C&C3: GDI Mammoth Mrk III

The Mammoth Tank is the Global Defense Initiative's heavy hitting, thick-armored war-machine. When it was developed, it was so immediately intimidating to Nod that Kane specifically targeted their production facilities to keep them off the battlefield. The two giant tank cannons are its most obvious threat, but it is also armed with rocket pods to deal with smaller targets. The most important aspect of the Mammoth is the extremely heavy armor which provides a level of battlefield resiliency unrivaled by anything seen in the Tiberium Wars.

Main parts: Mediafire
Railgun and Rocket pod parts: Mediafire


Alex06 5:42 PM  

Nice, I'll give it a shot when I get the time. What to do next? How about the Nod Stealth Tank from C&C3 or the Titan UCP from TIBERIUM? :D

Anonymous,  1:35 AM  

Or the RA2 Kirov?

Unknown 8:36 AM  

Very very great stuff. i did wwii papercraft and I absolutely eat this stuff up. I think that the Predator should be your next model, simple, elegant and easy.

Anonymous,  9:07 AM  

Awesome model, keep it up.
What kind of paper do I need?

Just wondering where are the missle launches that a mammoth tank usually have, I thought it was on the sides but I can't see them.

Maybe you could make the scrin tripod or the nod avatar next?

Christiaan 12:19 AM  

Building it at the moment. It seems fine. The wheels just seem to be awfully monotones’ hens the model is still incomplete.

Anonymous,  9:26 PM  

way to go man....
how bout u u build the Scrin unit!!!!

Anonymous,  3:02 PM  

How about the Tiberium Wars GDI harvester?

Anonymous,  3:05 AM  

How about to build some scrins?

Anonymous,  3:06 AM  

How about to build some scrins?

Anonymous,  8:48 PM  

Will you make a railgun version?

Simon0674,  4:00 AM  

Just finished my mammath it looks cool the rail gun up grade was a bit fidly but i just used a lower grade paper for that also if yu have the patients try doimg the main body and track out of thicker card you get a lot better result and a stronger modle i used 220 card for the main body and tracks and its come out awsome. great modle will some one please let me know if they find the plans for M.A.R.V as then ill have all the tib wars gdi taks done

Anonymous,  10:20 AM  

It would be great and all to have it but the mammoth download doesn't work and the rail gun and rockets doesn't work

fico86 9:29 PM  

hmm, works fine for me, seems like mediafire has some problems in some places. will see if i can get another good mirror.

Anonymous,  12:59 AM  

I am almost done. I built it out of regular printer paper. It worked fine. I am building it with rail guns. The rocket pods are a bit screwy. I would like to see a PDO file for the rail guns.

Unknown 11:44 AM  

how about some scrins?

Weezle,  4:07 PM  

plans for The MARV would be superb,. that thing is huge :D

Anonymous,  3:27 AM  

mammoth tank assemble......

Anonymous,  7:07 AM  

how bout plans for the M.A.R.V that thibg is awesum

Anonymous,  7:12 AM  

i would absolutly love some plans for the marv

Anonymous,  7:13 AM  

how bout some models from kanes wrath
that would be great

Anonymous,  11:07 PM  

What scale is it?

Unknown 1:53 AM  

get some kane's wrath models in please

Unknown 6:54 AM  

I was wondering if you could make red alert 2 units especially mental omega units because it is the most popular ra2 mod

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