Friday, February 22, 2008


By Nam-Ju Kim aka MAX7

A medium to long range missile delivery system mounted on a hover chassis capable of crossing both land and sea. Because of its hover capability, it is unaffected by most terrain types, making it an ideal unit for scouting enemy territory. Its rockets are capabil of hittin both air and land targets with equal effectivness.



Zeta 3:39 AM  

Excelent blog and excelent models!!!

I will put a note on about this (march 10 aprox)!

fico86 4:07 AM  

Thanks! It will be an honour. Lets see if i can come out some more models b4 march 10th...haha..

Anonymous,  10:25 AM  

If those models are which I knows.

Those models are made by Nam-Ju Kim.(Nickname : MAX7)

He's site is below link. but that site closed.

Anonymous,  8:44 PM  

Can you do a Wolverine and/or a Titan? (Tib. Sun versions, please).

Anonymous,  11:49 PM  

Has anyone done a Titan?

Anonymous,  3:07 AM  

please make more model for tiberiam sun saga..

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