Wednesday, February 27, 2008

GeneralsZH: GLA Scud Launcher

Finally finished the Scud Launcher. The pdo file was kind of screwed up, and i couldn't find a way to fix it up. But I edited whatever i could salvage from the pdo in PS, and produced a PDF file. I have put in all then instructions, hopefully u guys can understand.


Anonymous,  3:20 AM  

hey awesome! keep it up!!!

fico86 4:05 AM  

Haha, thanks! More will be coming soon...

Jun 6:37 AM  

Nice work!

Hope you can share your models on FX Console forums as well, I sure love your work.

Anonymous,  7:28 PM  

try to make the GLA Maruader

Unknown 3:25 PM  

I think it would be better if the launch pad can move and the scud could come off. And if you can build the scud upgrades from zero hour too!

Anonymous,  2:38 PM  

the truck is a soviet MAZ 7310, for those who didn't recognize it ....

chad444,  9:05 AM  

how do you print it in A3?

Unknown 9:55 AM  

This is one of the best paper model so far, detailed yet simple. May I know what is the scale of this model? thanks!

Anonymous,  1:29 PM  

i have a question, how did you acsess the c&c generals and zero hour files, i'd like to make buildings... I remember doing this as a kid and i simply drew the texture with bare hand, but now with actual textures from the game i think i can go back into those childhood memories! thanks

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