Tuesday, May 06, 2008

C&C3: Orca Mrk III

This template was designed by Skip, also know as "skupilkinson" from the Zealot forums. And the picture shows a small scale build of it by "nothing", also from Zealot forums.

PDO: Box.net : Mediafire
PDF: Box.net : Mediafire

Uploaded the PDF, but you would still need the PDO for directions to building it.

To see more of nothing's works on the models on this site click here. You would need to sign up at the Zealot forums to see all the picture.

Thanks again to Skip for this template.


Anonymous,  12:45 PM  

yeah cool, but I prefer Orca from C&C 1 1995

Anonymous,  9:00 AM  

expect next Orca from Renegade!

Anonymous,  4:22 PM  

ohh thanks for making the orca

Anonymous,  4:59 AM  

I almost finished an orca, it's those six tiny rockets I have not finished.
Anyway, thanks for sharing these cool papar models!

Anonymous,  1:40 AM  

i love you

Lambda Z 3:41 AM  

where's the stand for this?

Unknown 6:38 PM  

Hi, and very thanks to make this wonderful paper models!
I wanted to ask you if it's possible to have a paper stand like the one in the Orca MK III photo. I just finished the Venom Patrol Craft, it's awesome!!!
If you want to see it, follow this link:http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1617010235350&set=a.1617009915342.86802.1539188558

Bye bye, and many more thanks!!!

Anonymous,  9:02 PM  

the stand looks like a toy plane collector stand,like the one you get when you get a die cast plane at wall mart

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