Thursday, February 21, 2008

GeneralZH: China Overlord Tank

Hey guys, heres an updated version of the Overlord tank, combined all the files into one, and made the gattling cannon easier to build.

Download here.


Anonymous,  2:05 PM  

did i need to assemble all the parts to make an Emperor Overlord (General Fei - China Infantry General)

Anonymous,  12:40 AM  

i think the bunker is a bit to big.

Anonymous,  4:37 AM  


Diarana,  6:37 AM  

nice, nice, it makes me very happy to see something like this, now i can make my own army

Anonymous,  11:31 AM  

cool, i'm looking forward for your next creation. (especially crusader & paladin)

Anonymous,  3:10 PM  

ya you guys seriously need to make a crusader!!!

Unknown 3:22 PM  

Can you remake the overlord tank so it has a rotatable turret? A more understandable instructions? (especially for the things to put the treads on! I left them out because they weren't fitting, i think i glued them wrong)

Anonymous,  12:24 AM  

This is like my favorite tank.

Anonymous,  12:15 PM  

i build it at half of its size... looks fantastic! Nice work! :)
Greetings from Germany!

Anonymous,  6:52 AM  

can u make particle uplink canon or some awsome base defenses from general townes

bjbb2 9:47 AM  

What Scale?

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