Tuesday, March 25, 2008

C&C 3 Mammoth Tank buildable!

Finally finished up building the Mammoth tank. All together its reletively easy, though a bit tedious. My build is not that good, as resently am not feeling so well, and also my printer cocked up on one page (one of the treads is lighter in colour), and i realised the paper was a bit too thick (I now recommend u use bout 160gms to 180gms for this model). Here are the pics:

And now, i will take a bit of a well deserved brake, and play my resently accuired Kanes Wrath! But dont worry, i would be posting more models soon!


Unknown 2:38 PM  

that looks real nice. i printed it out and i hope to start working on it over the week. good work.

Alex06 5:45 PM  

I love it, it's awesome! How about the next time, doing the Nod Stealth Tank from C&C3 or the Titan UCP from TIBERIUM? :D

Anonymous,  10:02 AM  

dude, that rulz everything !!! gratz !!!~~~ :D

fico86 8:34 PM  

haha, thanks people. New models will be coming soon. But cant really do all, since i dont have access to all the c&c3 3d meshes. And would also like to do some TD models. but just stay tune to see wat comes out next!

Anonymous,  6:01 AM  

dude... I think u can make money from this... I dunno bout the copyright though...

Anonymous,  8:52 AM  

maybe you can make my favorite unit from cnc3, the FIREHAWK

Or if you are looking for a challenge: The Mammoth mark 2

Anonymous,  1:01 PM  

Sry, but the Mk. II blueprint isn't really good. I built it myself and had to correct a lot of flaws, for example most of the angles of the cannons (especially B6/B10) or the AB parts, which had to be significantly smaller than printed. There are also many unnecessary details (e.g. B7/B11) which look much better if slightly bended instead of glued. The used program made also too many folds and it would look better if there are no folding lines.

So if someone else wants to build it, be prepared for such problems, if you want to make it really neat.

fico86 1:32 AM  

Hey guys, thanks for all the support and comments. Sorry for the delay, work load is a bit heavy.

Currently i would not like to involve money, as there will be copyright issues, and as john points out, i am really not that good yet, haha, and also i rather keep all this as a hobby.

John, thanks for pointing out the flaws, i would like it if u could send me an email to detail the improvements i can make, or email me ur edited template, and i will give full credits to u.

Anonymous,  8:45 AM  

I think this is just awesome! I'm planning to rebuild this, but I would like to know, whether you could use a Kane Edition Texture for the Tank too? That would top everything.
Keep up the great work

Anonymous,  5:20 PM  

I don’t have a modified template, since I realized the flaws while building it together. But you can just look at the following things:
- Remove all double folds, e.g. A2/3/4, B2/3 etc. but the folds for B7/11 have to be replaced to the textured part... in any case this issue is also a bit of a taste question, since the double folds make it easier to build it, but it looks better without them.
- Reduce the radius of the AB cylinder by 1-2 mm and the height by at least 3 mm.
- B6/10 are really a problem, I can’t see the problematic parts in your pictures (too dark), so I wonder if they fit perfectly on B1. In my case, the outer angle in the middle had to be steeper. A solution could be to add textures at the border, so that the user can than build the part and cut the angle by testing.
- Add a hint to FIRST attach the cannons and B3/2 to B1, before closing B1... makes it much easier.
- Remove unnecessary fold lines or even better: replace all of them with outer fold lines or offer two versions
- The program(?) made a lot of fractured folds, e.g. B2/6/7/10/11. It's not really a problem since anyone with a brain can imagine the proper folds, but it would look more professional, if they are not fractured. =)
- You could consider removing the gaps in B7/11, because they are annoying and don’t add any value, but you have to be careful and increase the overall radius
- Optional: remove folds for all very small gaps, since they close automatically, if the rest is properly glued, good example: the small gaps at the back of B1 are not necessary... but on the other hand, who would try to use those folds anyway?! xD

Anyway, as a hobby project it's good... it just needs a bit more polish, so keep up the good work. =)
I hope that my hints help a bit.

fico86 8:51 AM  

wow thanks John, will get to work on it once i finish my current model. U might even test that and give ur pointers. BTW, would u like me to include a last name or a contact info in the credits assigned to to u? or just John will be fine?

Glad u like it, but the thing is for the C&C 3 models i only use the models and textures that came in the art asserts pack that came with the MOD SKD, and i haven really figured out how to extract the textures and models from the game itslef. But if i do, will try to include that too.

I womder sometimes, should i do new models? or polish the old ones?

Anonymous,  5:19 PM  

Thx, but no need for credits or references, I just gave some small hints...

About your last question... I would suggest to try new projects and gain more experience. As you gain more insights, you can regularly come back to your old projects and update them.

Anonymous,  5:24 AM  

Hey, fico86, I have all the C&C3 models and textures extracted from the game, I even have those extracted from Kane's Wrath, the expansion. Add me on MSN, I'm Alex05222@hotmail.com and I'll give you anything you want from the game's extracted files. ;)

Anonymous,  5:25 AM  

I forgot to mention, I'm Alex06, I couldn't manage to log back in, it keeps giving me an "incorrect password" dialog.

Anonymous,  7:49 AM  

for those who already making this things... what paper u all using? will 80gsm is enough?

fico86 8:33 AM  

ah, 80 gms will be too thin. Try geting at least 160 to 180 gms. that should give u a better build.

Anonymous,  6:12 PM  

awesome! go try to make mammoth mk2 or the Wolverine from tiberian sun

Unknown 4:02 AM  

Hi, I just try to build C&C3 Mammoth and stuck with C6/D6 parts. It'll be very helpfull if you publish mesh/ .pdo file.It is easier to improve this in Papekura Designer or Metaseqoia if you have mesh.

Anonymous,  5:35 PM  

I have HUGE problems with the tread sides (C/D/E/F 2/3), a pdo would be super helpful

Jonathan 3:40 PM  

Awesome work man, I'm working on a conversion for this from a Warhammer 40K Land Raider kit, two of them actually.

Anonymous,  4:54 AM  

Gooooood work! strongly hope you make a red alert mother tank^mod,or sub? relly hope so.......

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