Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some small stuff

Its a been a long time since i updated, been really busy with collage work, and also was too wiped out by to do anything productive for a while. But now i got some stuff, though admittedly small, and way too late, i am posting.

Finally made the temples for the mammoth mart 3 rocket pods and railguns, with some rudimentary instructions, hopefully u can figure them out. U can get them here.

Also, there has been some confusion about the Juggernaut model. There is actually only one model, but with 2 different textures, one desert camo, one snow camo. Anyway, i have uploaded PDOs, and PDFs for both textures here.

Ok thats the small update for now, i am working on some bigger stuff, and also got more people to contribute, so keep checking back for more stuff.


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